If windows are poorly selected they can become a major source of heat loss in the winter which increases the carbon footprint of the property and increases the heating cost.

The British Fenestration rating Council Limited (BFRC), window rating system has been developed to address this problem and allows you to compare the energy efficiency of different products.

Energy efficient windows allow optimal amounts of the suns energy to pass through the glass into the room allowing you to benefit from solar heat again. At the same time the advanced glass coating on the inside reflects the heat inside back into the room rather than allowing it to escape. Both these features reduce or eliminate the need for additional heating.

At Stormseal we understand the importance to home owners to retain as much energy in the property as possible. That’s why we offer a range of energy efficiency window systems that offer high performance, versatility and affordability.

Property Type Existing Window First Year Savings (£) 20 Year Savings (£) 20 Year Savings CO2 (Tonnes)
Detached 20m2 Single £247.11 £14,153 40.6
Double £193.67 £11,092 31.79
Semi 15m2 Single £185.22 £10,615 30.42
Double £193.67 £8,320 23.84
Terrace 12m2 Single £148.27 £8,429 24.34
Double £116.20 £6,665 19.07
All Housing All £2.8 Billion £160 Billion 281 Million